About the Mosquito Helicopter

In the middle of the 90s John Uptigrove from Innovator Technologies in Canada had the idea to develop an affordable helicopter to make helicopter flying accessible to pilots or future pilots without the deep corporate pockets traditionally required for this truly unique form of flying. The outcome of research, development and more than 20 years of continuous enhancements are the Mosquito Helicopter range. The Mosquito's are innovatively simple designed but have the same safety standard and flight characteristics as any other professional helicopter. The Mosquito’s are the most economically helicopter in the world in regard to purchase price and operating costs!

For all general information about our Mosquitos (such as models, options, pricing, F.A.Q, etc.) please visit the official international website: www.mosquito-helicopter.info


Mosquito Helicopter Namibia - Helicopter Sales

Mosquito Helicopter Namibia proudly make the Mosquito range of helicopter available in Southern Africa. We are the sole agent of the whole MOSQUITO range for Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and South Africa.

Please click HERE to see our current range of demonstration helicopter and helicopter on sale.

If you like to see and inspect our amaizing helicopter or if you like to get a demonstration please make an arrangement on our contact page or simply click HERE.


Mosquito Helicopter Namibia - Avionics & Electronics

We are specialized in advanced electronic flight instrument systems, engine control systems and camera systems.
We offer full customized and pre-configured instrument panels including customized harnesses and engine controls for the whole range of Mosquito helicopter and any other experiential helicopter and non certified aircraft.

All our panels and lables are laser cutted and laser engraved!

We are an official MGL Avionics dealer and offer professional support for all MGL instruments and iEFIS systems.

MGL Avionics don't have any rotorcraft setting available by default. Customers who bought them MGL iEFIS instruments trough us have full access to our database with a wide range of iEFIS screens, especially made for the range of Mosquito helicopter.

Depend on you Mosquito Helicopter configuration; we make amazing information on your iEFIS screen available:
- Rotor-/Engine RMP in % or however you like it (very large screen for take of and/or hovering)
- Full engine control - CHT, EGT, Coolant (optimized for your Mosquito model)
- Fuel flow display trough injection system (no sensor needed - XE285 only)
- Virtual tank level (by calibrated fuel flow trough injection system - XE285 only)
- RPM Controller (ERC from MHN) activities - monitor the activities of the engine rpm controller (RPM controller from MHN only)
- Voltage and current
- Throttle Position (no sensor needed - XE285 only)
- Full VHF radio control (MGL V6R - Remote control radio only)
- and much more...

If you have a Military Grip many functions can be controlled just with the grip in your hand:
- Engine start (this is a standard at all Mosquito models)
- RPM Control / Governor (ON/OFF)
- Select or change page on your MGL iEFIS
- Confirm iEFIS alarm

- and much more...



Mosquito Helicopter Namibia - Location

We are located at Farm Birkenfels, a small desert farm only 25km east of Swakopmund.

We have all the facilities and conditions a helicopter pilot likes:
No air traffic, hangar just 20m from the heliport and most of the time calm and constand wind from one direction (most of the time).


Namibia Business Structure Innovation cc t/a Mosquito Helicopter Namibia, Farm Birkenfels, B.O. Box 274, Swakopmund, Namibia
Tel: +264 81 1480402, Email: info@mosquito-helicopter-namibia.com